Dudutki Tour

This village was first mentioned in chronicles in the 11th centure. According to the texts of The Tale of Igor’s Campaign and the opinion of some researches, a legendary Polotsk prince Vseslav the Sorcerer wended his way to Polotsk using the road that supposedly passed through these places in the past.

Dudutki Tour
Dudutki Tour
Dudutki Tour

We offer for you different workshops:

In the workshops of woodworking, pottery, straw weaving and willow weaving, you will familiarize with the traditions of the production of products made of wood, clay, straw, and willow. For many years these materials were used by Belarusians to produce a large number of items that helped them in their daily life and work.

In the blacksmith shop you will have the opportunity to observe the work of blacksmith and even try yourself this difficult job.

In the cheese factory you will learn the secrets of Belarusian cheese and may even taste them. In the bakery and in the beekeeper’s house you will learn about the traditions of making bread and getting honey. In the distillery you will see the whole process of making home-made vodka and try a freshly prepared alcoholic beverage (only for adults). You will be proposed a snack - a sandwich made of black bread, honey and a salted cucumber!

Dudutki Tour
Dudutki Tour
Dudutki Tour

The ethnographical museum Dudutki is the first and the only private museum of material culture. Here the past and present are brought together. This is a museum of handicrafts where a piece of clay, steel or wood is brought to life right in front of your eyes. Whoever you are, irrespective of age or position, plunge yourself into the atmosphere of the 19th century, get to know the ways of country life and discover the secrets of ancient handicrafts. You will visit a windmill, Orthodox Church, farm and zoo and see vintage cars.

It is impossible to imagine Belarussian village without visiting Dudutki.

Dudutki Tour
Dudutki Tour


  • 5 hours


  • till 16 years – 24 EUR

  • adults – 29 EUR


  • Professional guide

  • Transport services

  • Workshops (smithy, pottery, wood-making shop, bakery, etc.)

  • Museum tickets

  • Taste local products:

    – home-distilled vodka (only for adults), pickled cucumber, honey;

    – 3 types of cheese, butter, tea;

    – freshly baked bread, bacon.

  • Horse-riding (on request)